• LAMAX range of fully-automatic, self-contained generators, utilizing minimum power and space, are extremely safe and supply the right quantity of steam at the right places.
  • They are available in a wide array of models and hence can be used for specific applications.
  • Being portable makes these steam generators easy to handle. They can be conveniently used anywhere.
  • These machines are compact, reliable and easy to use.
  • Seven safety mechanisms with an alarm system makes this range of steam generators totally safe.
  • These generators are equipped with portable softening units, feed-water tanks and high pressure water pump.
  • Detachable stainless steel heater elements are protected by thermostats and level controller.
  • Easy availability of spares and comprehensive service
  • Available in various capacities and options.


  • Lamax wood fired boilers are designed for the complete combustion of fuel with a reduced amount of ash being generated.
  • Shell and smoke tube design facilitate higher heat transfer area, and easier cleaning of tubes from front and back doors.
  • Compact, highly reliable with a highly efficient design.
  • Safety precautions such as pressure switch control, safety relief valve, auto water level are provided.
  • Sophisticated control panel houses all controls.


  • Lamax steamatic oil fired boilers are a perfect and highly reliable solution for steam generation in today’s age of acute power shortages.
  • These boilers have an efficiency level of 90%.
  • Running on just 1.5 hp, Lamax steamatic boilers combine the advantage of portability with a space saving design and the lowest fuel consumption.


  • Compact design.
  • Fully automatic working with low running cost.
  • Unique water preheating system.
  • Burner controller ensures safe working.


  • Lamax Softeners, are cost effective solutions to prevent scaling in boilers and also to soften water prior to the washing machines.
  • Made of polyethylene, single piece, and moulded have high impact strength with great aesthetic appeal.
  • The multiport valve facilitates easy operation involving automatic brine, suction and rinsing leading to excellent water quality.
  • Available in various Sizes to suit customers requirement.
  • Lamax offer automatic option for the softener by coupling the multiport valve with an electrically operated actuator with a volume batcher.
  • The volume batcher could also be used to fill the exact quantity of water in the washing machine using a solenoid valve and can also have a automatic basin pump.