• The machine come with different options viz. manual control, logic control and micro processor control with computer interface.
  • The inner basket, the outer drum end plates, safety guards and control panel are constructed using stainless steel.
  • The reduction pulley system or gear box with pulley ensures a smooth and soft drive.
  • Fully automatic panel box that is easy to operate.
  • Hot forged end flange shafts long life.
  • Unique design which consists of raising the door height above the center of the drum, increases liquor holding capacity, which leads to better loading ratios.
  • Calibrated level indicator to control water level.
  • Large cast-iron drainage ensures quick release of water and very low maintenance.
  • Models include steam, electrical or thermal fluid heating mechanisms.

horizantal table

  • Micro processor control to offer different programs of wash cycles.
  • This machine has an open-pocket cylinder and is self balancing
  • The variable speed drive with high speed extraction is suitable for all kinds of washing and dyeing to obtain a worn or stone washed effect with enzyme treatment.
  • A micro processor come standard with the machine which helps to control different programs of wash cycles.
  • The cylinder beaters are specially designed to ensure a gentle, rapid and uniform treatment of all fabrics.
  • This is an extremely versatile machine that can be used in the garmenting as well as commercial laundry industries.
  • A whole range of washes including enzyme, stone wash, regular detergent wash to even garment Dyeing can be performed via this machine.
  • The variable working and extraction speeds help perform the above washes.
  • Tanks for additives with pump.
  • Heat exchanger with pump
  • Highly accurate liquor ratio electronic flow meter
  • Colour mixer / salt dissolver with pump

Washer Extractors

  • Inner stainless steel basket with complete logic programmer with auto controls such as Auto reverse, Digital temperature indicator / controller, forward timer with pause timing and total time.
  • The drive is through balanced closed grained cast ironed pulleys with matching V belts pedigreed bearings of NTN/similar are made to sustain radial and axial loads.
  • The inner basket is double insulated with first quality mineral wool held in place by fine aluminum sheet backing on loaded spring hooked ties.
  • The Inner stainless steel basket is a fitted with CNC designed stainless steel paddles to ensures smooth tumbling effect.
  • High Load capacity ratings, self cleaning lint screen and other designed features make this drier a space and energy saver and guarantees faster drying time.
  • As an option, dryers are also available in all stainless steel construction.

tumble table

Dry Cleaning Machine

Dry Cleaning Machine table


  • This is a unique machine to dry and iron all flat materials such as Bed Sheets, Pillow covers, Table Cloth & Napkins directly after Hydro extraction to produce a quality finish.
  • Excellent design of roller angle ensures greater area of contact to give higher output and increased productivity.
  • This machine is fed from the front, with a front return type. Micro processor control and inverter drives are present to regulate speed up to 10 mtrs/ min.
  • Feeding and heating belts are imported to ensure the best quality and long life.
  • Very low power and steam consumption compact design of front head and return requires working space only on the front side.
  • This machine is equipped with digital temperature indicator and digital speed indicator.
  • Hand safety guard and emergency stop are provided to ensure safe working conditions. Variable speed drive for different types of fabrics and reversing the direction are also possible.
  • Specially designed blower to remove excess moisture.
  • Available in 2 standard sizes.
  • Machines of higher evaporation ratio with 600 mm also available.

flatwork table

 Textile processing machine

  • This versatile machine has both the outer and inner drum made of tested stainless steel.
  • The perforations in the inner basket are precision punched and embossed in a CNC machine.
  • The machine is Stainless steel to AISI Grade 304 for wetted parts and side belt guards and other external parts.
  • This machine is hydraulically operated for lifting and unloading and consists of 2 Nos. of 150 mm dia pneumatically operated drains & dual water inlet for hot & cold water.
  • Heating is through steam with provision for both direct injection through a specially designed injector for efficient & noiseless mixing and also through an indirect heating thermal fluid jacket.
  • The drive is through a reduction pulley belt drive for smooth and noiseless working.
  • The basket is supported on heavy-duty self-alinging ball bearings.
  • Auto Tilting
  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • Auto PH Meter
  • Automatic Chemical
  • Dozing
  • Flow Meter
  • Auto Time and Auto Temperature Control
  • LAN Connection on Actual Length of Cable etc.

Hydro Extractors


  • The Inner basket and the outer drum are made of stainless steel; the inner basket is directly
  • The motor is suspended with a coaxial setup along with thermal and anti humidity insulation.
  • All the machines have the necessary door lock mechanism and continuous current braking system to assure a simple and safe operation.
  • The design provides a quick, self-balancing, noiseless and vibration-less performance.


  • Rugged close grained graded cast iron construction with pedigreed hydraulic transmission clutch to provide smooth and vibration free extraction on balanced loads.
  • The drive from the hardened main steel spindle to the hydraulic clutch is through matched V-belts drive, with spring loaded friction, ferrado brake liners with tensioners to reduce high initial torque.
  • The machine comes standard with control, electrical and safety limit switch on the loading door.


  • High capacity, efficient and energy consumption.
  • Auto controlled devices, timer and balanced protection brake.
  • Overload display device and cover protect device ensures safety operation and extends the life span of the machine.
  • Additional load/unload features make the operation very convenient.