• Once your garments are stitched, LAMAX ensures that they look their best. This inimitable unique thread sucking machine absorbs all the loosely attached threads stuck on the garment after stitching.
  • Pneumatic operation ensures that the process of thread sucking is efficient.
  • A vario-oscillation with suction ensures almost simultaneous removal of threads and other waste particles. This even helps in removing the odor of chemically washed garments.
  • The economy of the machine is realized when precious man hours and resources as well as valuable floor space are saved.
  • The average daily capacity in an 8-hour shift is 2000 pieces whereas if this operation is done manually, it would require 4 people and 24 hours to do the same.
  • All the loose threads and waste evicted from the garment is accumulated inside the machine and can be removed by simply opening the front door.
  • The size of the standard model is 44″ taper. 65″ height and 56″ width and can be used for a variety of garments ranging from shirts to skirts of different sizes.
  • Strong suction devices and a unique design ensure the removal of threads from all parts of garments.
  • Automatic working via photo-sensors and manual operation by a foot switch.
  • This machine comes equipped with a large polycarbonate viewing glass.
  • There is an adjustable suction control damper for different types of fabrics


  • When the sensor detects a broken needle pin or needle chip, a buzzer will automatically sound and the conveyor belt will stop.
  • The machine is available in two modes of operation viz. Production & Test Card.
  • 10 indicator lamps identify the exact location of a foreign object.
  • The control panel is equipped with a safety lock.
  • A protective cover for the control panel is available so as not to hit the sensitivity level or change the mode of operation by accident.