The LAMAX has been in existence for over 15 years now. Gifted with the knowledge and wisdom to properly run every aspect of a company, it was his foresight and vision that has gotten us to where we are now. We strive to create the most precisely engineered products and are also the market leaders in providing after sales service. With 5 production facilities in and around Bangalore all working under the most stringent quality standards and using state of the art equipment, LAMAX guarantees best in class equipment.

        LAMAX has been a pioneer in the manufacture of Garment Equipments for over 15 years. We pride ourselves on being innovators and manufactures in India. LAMAX is invariably the leader in coming out with new technology for the Indian market. Just to name a few, has given us a market niche.

        We also cater to various other industries such as commercial laundries and dry cleaners, hotels and hospitals. Our range of laundry equipment is second to none and our continuous research and development helps stay at the top if this field. To achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by leveraging the best technology and after sales services as our priority. Our endeavor is to ensure total satisfaction for both our customer and all the staff and associates of LAMAX.

        At LAMAX, we have progressed from being a manufacturer of garment equipments. We offer a wide range of services some of which include Consulting, Contracting, Supply of Equipment, Lay Out of machines, Installation, Training and after sales Service. We are exceedingly knowledgeable and prominently known for our expertise in a number of industries such as apparel manufacturing, commercial laundries, dry cleaners, hotels and hospitals.